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Mosquitoes and their pesky bites can quickly ruin a great day outdoors. Not only do the bites hurt, but mosquitoes are known to carry vector-borne diseases.

Let Axiom Eco-Pest Control help you protect your family and pets from the danger and nuisance of mosquitoes. Call now for our Mosquito Treatment service.

Why Treat?

Mosquitoes carry diseases
putting your family and
pets at risk.

  • West Nile Virus — Can cause tremors and a possible coma.

  • Dog Heartworm — If untreated, it can cause your dog to collapse.

  • Encephalitis — Can cause flu-like symptoms.

  • Zika Virus — Linked to birth defects.

  • Have a water feature or shrubs? You have the perfect environment for mosquitoes

  • A bottle cap or water bottle lid full of water is all that’s needed for some mosquitoes to lay eggs.

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About the Treatment

The Axiom Eco-Pest Control treatment plan reduces mosquitoes on your property by focusing on areas where they are most likely to breed and harbor. We do a comprehensive inspection and then treat with products that continue working throughout the season, even during rainy periods. Additionally, once dried, residues of the products we treat with are non-toxic to honeybees. Mosquito treatments are typically from Spring until Fall.