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Year round protection against ants, spiders, rodents and more

Axiom's treatment program gives you year round protection from all sorts of insects, from ants to cockroaches to spiders and even occasional rodents.

Axiom lets you rest easy, knowing the pests you've seen — and those you haven't — are controlled in your house.

Why Treat?

A spider egg sack

You don't have to have them

  • Axiom can identify the pest and the best method of elimination — There are so many insects that look alike but if they're misidentified, the treatment won't work. 

  • We'll save you time and money — Eco-friendly, effective pest control products like Axiom uses are expensive and aren't available to the general layperson.

  • Your health is most important — Effectively treating pests assures your home is cleaner and there is less chance of contracting diseases spread by insects and rodents — like salmonella, E coli, rabies, hanta virus and Streptococcus. 

carpet beetle




Guaranteed Treatment

The Axiom Eco-Pest Control General Pest Program controls pests on your property by first treating the interior and exterior and later following up with a perimeter shield. ​These targeted treatments are followed up by quarterly services to ensure your pests are under control. If you ever see pest activity between regular services, we'll come back out to solve it FREE OF CHARGE.



Give your pets the comfort they need

The Axiom Eco-Pest Control flea treatment plan reduces fleas on your property by focusing on adult fleas as well as eggs. We do a comprehensive inspection and then treat indoors and outdoors with three effective pet-friendly products that are proven to eliminate fleas.​

Why Treat?

best friends dog and cat

You're not seeing everything — hidden fleas are a nuisance 

  • You're only seeing 5% of the problem if you're seeing adult fleas on your pets. There are MANY more fleas hiding in your carpet.

  • Moving your pet outside doesn't help — fleas will remain behind and begin biting you instead.

  • Fleas carry diseases — Fleas have been linked to plague, typhus and cat scratch fever that can be transferred to humans. 

Protect your pets from fleas

Guaranteed Treatment

The Axiom Eco-Pest Control flea treatment is one-time targeted treatment that takes approximately 4 hours and comes with a 90-day warranty to ensure you're flea-free after our treatment.



Don't mickey around with mice or rats

A rodent problem can be awful. Mice are inquisitive and rats are smart, so eliminating them can be a real process.

Plus, rats and mice multiply so rapidly, it seems you can never get ahead of the problem without professional help. If you have these pests in your space, you need them to be gone... and to do that, you need Axiom Eco-Pest Control.

A mouse scurries for food

Diseases and damage... rodents can hurt your family and property

  • Structural and electrical damage can occur. Rats and mice nesting in wall voids, crawlspaces and attics need to eat. Sometimes they think your electrical wiring, drywall, or support joists look appetizing. And your insulation... well that makes a great bed -- they don't even have to leave to use the bathroom!

  • Parasites and hanta virus can infect your family — Mice and rats carry many diseases and parasites that can make your family ill.

  • Bites can spread plague or rabies — Your pets and family are at risk of contracting diseases if the rodent is infested with the disease. 

Why Treat?

Guaranteed Treatment

The Axiom Eco-Pest Control rodent treatment rids your property of mice and rats. We start with an inspection to identify ingress and egress areas and identify any breaches or gaps that can be filled to stop an infestation. Our treatment plan can include both indoor and outdoor treatments, trapping, baiting or other devices that are family and pet-friendly.​ Depending on the size of infestation and treatment, we come back periodically to check bait levels, remove captures and ensure we found all feeding areas and travel routes. We continue to check traps and bait stations with every servicing, ensuring your home stays rodent free.

Why Treat?




Rid your home of Cockroaches

Cockroach infestations are difficult to get under control and require professional help, especially since cockroaches are known to contaminate human food sources and spread diseases. 

Why Treat?


Cockroaches can spread disease and odors

  • Proteins trigger allergic reactions. Cockroaches carry a protein that is known to trigger allergic reactions in some people, especially those with asthma. Make your family more comfortable with a cockroach-free home.

  • Even if you can't see them, they can be present. A recent study shows that just because cockroaches aren't present during an inspection, they still can be in the area. The report shows 20-50% of homes with no visible signs of cockroaches tested positive for detectable cockroach allergens in the home's dust.

  • Keep your home cleaner — Cockroaches give off a distinctive odor and are known to contaminate food products they contact. Increase the safety and cleanliness in your kitchen by treating your cockroach problem now. 

Bright and Modern Kitchen

About the Treatment

The Axiom Eco-Pest Control cockroach treatment is a comprehensive service that includes a flush of the residence or business, as well as the installation of monitoring stations and baiting if necessary. The service requires you to leave with your family and pets for four hours after service. We'll follow up 24 hours after the initial service and then complete a second residual treatment 2 weeks after treatment, and then a final check one month after treatment. Our goal is a cockroach-free environment.


Holy moly! One mole can sure wreck a yard

Moles can make life miserable for any homeowner or avid gardener. Moles are looking for grubs and earthworms and they'll stop at nothing to eat their favorite meal. 

Moles make tunnels and mounds to create traps for earthworms. But what works well for moles looks terrible in your lawn and garden.

a mole out of the ground

It's more than just your lawn, moles can affect all your garden plants 

  • Moles don't stop at the edge of the yard to get their earthworms. Any adjacent plants that harbor earthworms are seen as fair game by moles -even if the plant is a prized rose, expensive plant or an entire garden.

  • Mole hills can damage lawn equipment — Even if you stomp down mole hills before you mow, the rocks and dirt that moles bring to the surface can impact mower blades and sprinkler systems.

  • Mole hills can be dangerous — People can trip on them in your yard, causing serious injuries.

gardening in a mole-free setting

About the Treatment

The Axiom Eco-Pest Control mole treatment plan focuses on treating moles where they live and eliminating their food sources so your lawn and garden become mole free. Our treatment is a 4-week program to erradicate moles tunneling around your home.



Put more FUN in your outdoor life

Mosquitoes and their pesky bites can quickly ruin a great day outdoors. Not only do the bites hurt, but mosquitoes are known to carry vector-borne diseases.

Let Axiom Eco-Pest Control help you protect your family and pets from the danger and nuisance of mosquitoes. Call now for our Mosquito Treatment service.

Playing in a mosquito-free yard

Why Treat?

Mosquitoes carry diseases putting your family and pets at risk

  • West Nile Virus — Can cause tremors and a possible coma.

  • Dog Heartworm — If untreated, it can cause your dog to collapse.

  • Encephalitis — Can cause flu-like symptoms.

  • Zika Virus — Linked to birth defects.

  • Have a water feature or shrubs? You have the perfect environment for mosquitoes

  • A bottle cap or water bottle lid full of water is all that’s needed for some mosquitoes to lay eggs.

Playing without mosquitoes
The Axiom Eco-Pest Control Mosquito Treatment Program

About the Treatment

The Axiom Eco-Pest Control treatment plan reduces mosquitoes on your property by focusing on areas where they are most likely to breed and harbor. We do a comprehensive inspection and then treat with products that continue working throughout the season, even during rainy periods. Additionally, once dried, residues of the products we treat with are non-toxic to honeybees. This service is available from April through September.

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