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Our family and pet-friendly technologies have made Axiom a leader in environmentally friendly pest control. 

We are redefining the industry.



GREEN pest control for you

At Axiom Eco-Pest Control we believe in having a minimal impact on the environment in everything we do.


This includes our technician route planning, fuel efficient vehicles, paperless billing, and most importantly the products we use to treat pest infestations. 


Many of the products we use are derivatives from the chrysanthemum flower.


Check out the FAMILY & PET FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY section below for more details on how our newest generation products are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment while increasing effectiveness.

GREEN pest control

We stand by our service and guarantee control over the toughest pest problems.


Every pest infestation is different. If activity persists between regular services, let us know and we'll return to treat at no additional charge.


Our response time is usually within 24-48 hours and we also work late evenings and Saturdays so we can accommodate your schedule.


It's no wonder customers stay happy. We're a service company that's dedicated to the service part. We strive to treat each customer's home better than if it were our own.


Family and pet friendly technology

Have peace of mind knowing our family and pet friendly technologies at Axiom Eco-Pest Control will protect your home and environment.


As a precaution, our Pest Specialists™ still highly recommend nothing come in contact with our products when they are still wet. Our Pest Specialists are also more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns about our products and how to maximize the safety of your loved ones while our products are working against the pests.

Our professional pest control services use only branded and patented products and equipment. We utilize the highest quality tools available in our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, including EPA Reduced Risk products.

Pet and Family Friendly

Axiom's Pollinator

Protection Policy

Axiom Eco-Pest Control makes every effort to protect pollinators in all avenues of our product applications.

  • We do NOT make an application of products on any flowering tree or shrub until they have finished blooming for the season.

  • We do NOT apply any product to an actively flowering tree, shrub or plant where pollinators may forage.

  • We review all relevant information regarding pollinators and pest control products and make an informed, educated policy based on scientific facts.

  • We educate and train our technicians on best practices for application.

  • We participate in community efforts to establish more pollinator-friendly zones.

Polinator Policy
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